Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Adventures of Buzz, Woody, and Stinky Pete

Today's post is dedicated to our adorable little bubba, Kaden! Without him, we would be utterly lost. He adds light and character to a life that often gets  drowned with concern and worry.  I honestly don't know what this family would do without him.   

As of the last few weeks, the new favorite, "repeat several times a day until mommy takes them to the park because she can't stand it anymore," movie has been Toy Story 2. Little bubba absolutely adores this movie, and applies it's lessons to daily life.

For instance, Kaden absolutely believes that he is Buzz Lightyear when the movie is playing... constantly telling me, "Mommy, I Buzz Eightear!" and "Buzz Eightear to the rescue!" as he soars around the house with his toy buzz in hand. He has about five of Buzz's in various sizes that he cannot go to bed without any of them! It's so cute! 

He makes sure to involve Landon in all of his Buzz roll playing (naturally, scrawny little Landon always plays Woody), and it's funny how it's true to life. I would say a fair comparison of the friendship that he and Landon have would be comparable to Woody and Buzz Lightyear. He is always looking out for Landon (not so much Myla) and if everything is not alright with Landon, Kaden is right there by his side to cheer him up. I never expected to see two siblings as close as these two.

The part of Toy Story 2 that is taken most to heart, though? Stinky Pete. Apparently fart jokes become funny at a very young age, though up until now we hadn't really given a name to them. Now, whenever anyone breaks wind (usually one of the boys...haha, like I would ever admit to it...) Kaden bellows "You're Stinky Pete!" Yep, that's Kaden to a "T!"