Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just How Hot is it in Arizona?

When we hear from friends and family, the first question is always, "How's the family?" And before I even have a chance to answer, the next question is, "So...just how hot is it out there?"  During the summer months, so far we have seen a high of 116, I think. It may have actually been hotter, but after a while, numbers become irrelevant. Let me illustrate for you.

Let's take a trip down imaginary lane for a moment. Let's imagine that you're on vacation. You spent the extra money and went somewhere tropical and extremely exclusive. Palm trees sway in the breeze, and your room even has an ocean view. The sky is a perfect, cloudless blue, and the turquoise ocean is calling your name, beckoning you to come and take a swim. This is what you have been waiting for since you booked your trip!

You slip into your bathing suit, grab some sunscreen, throw on your sandals, and your legs run out the door faster than your body can catch up.

The intoxicating smell of tropical vegetation, salt water, and sunscreen fills your head. All your stresses, one by one, wash away with the crash of every tide. You find a prime spectator position on the beach, toss your towel and bag of sun and swim supplies down, and then you do the unthinkable: You take off your sandals.

The second your foot touches the hot sand, a burning sensation radiates up your foot, through your leg, and you find yourself in, what I like to call, a thermal fit (the crazy, though highly entertaining dance one does when one walks in hot sand).

That feeling of unforgiving hot sand under your feet and between your toes? The one that doesn't go away for several seconds after you sit on your towel? That is what the Arizona heat feels like... all. over. your. body. Like I said, after a while, numbers become irrelevant. Summers here are killer. Otherwise, Arizona is great!

On a side note: I know you are probably wondering how Landon did yesterday. He did really well. The ladies who work there just adore him (no surprise, he's such a little stud!) It will take some time to see how he responds but so far the stimulation seems to excite him. He seemed a little more energetic and involved last night than normal. His responses seemed to be more on cue as well (it usually takes him a while to internalize our requests before he gives an answer or performs a task).  I have started a daily log of his progress, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you after these 30 days are up. I will share another progress log at 90 days. Thanks for all your love and support! Love you all!