Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chew on This!

Talk about the things that make you go "Ugh!"

This little guy (haha! I said "little!" He is anything BUT little!) was waiting outside under the garbage can for Jim when he went to take out the trash the other day... Jim came rushing in shuddering during a spell of minor convulsions after he saw this guy. Two days later, he was still there, so we decided to get a few pictures.

Isn't he gross? Just look at how big he is next to the quarter! He's the size of my cell phone! Oh, and apologies for the name of this post, I had my brother in law in mind. He has this crazy desire to eat a  scorpion. I got somethin' better for ya, my friend!  Bon Apetite Bro!

So, if you live outside AZ, sleep well tonight. These are only pictures and this guy can no way get you. If you live in the same hot, baron abyss we do, lock your doors! You never know what crazy things lurk out here!