Friday, July 22, 2011


This week has been tough for the whole family. Landon is doing great with treatments, but we're starting to see the treatments work. He's making progress in his efforts, but he's often tired, and quite a bit more irritable and frustrated. This is completely normal, and is a sign that his brain is exercising, similar to being sore the day after a good workout.

Kaden is especially having a hard time with all this activity. I don't think it's necessarily that he feels Landon is getting all the attention, I think being out of his schedule is really messing with him. He has a hard time when Landon is taken to the back, especially if we need to go to the car for a diaper change. It seems he's always afraid we're going to leave Landon behind and it puts him in an inconsolable fit.

Myla decided to grow up this week as well. We toyed with the idea of putting her in a toddler bed earlier, and before I knew it, she was sleeping like a big girl! Then, when she decided she didn't  need a sippy cup any more yesterday, my heart broke a little. I know that girl is destined for great things, I just wish I could keep her small a little bit longer.

As for me and Jim...we have definitely looked better. I think the word "frazzled" would be a good description. Constantly feeling like we're forgetting something is a feeling we're becoming used to. I suppose it's just good that we've managed to keep track of all three kids so far. (I only have three, right?)

I think this Saturday we'll just take it easy. We'll go to the park and feed the ducks and let the kids take a breather. Just one more week and we can resume a fairly normal schedule at home! (Landon will do another 18 days of treatment at home).

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